Our Mission


#Serving Humanity with a Higher Purpose,

ARL's mission is to provide skilled direct care and attend to the living expectations of the geriatric, elderly and disabled populations in the Nevada community and surrounding regions by offering seniors personalized alternatives to traditional  senior care & living services while upholding our goals and core values/beliefs.

Our Goal / Vision

Estimates by experts are that at least 60% of all individuals will need extended help in one or more of the areas above during their lifetime. The need for long-term care may only last for a few weeks or months or it may go on for years. It all depends on the underlying reasons for needing care. Our goal is to provide you a home, away from your home. When given the choice, very few seniors would want to live in a nursing home and/or skilled facility. Appolonia Henderson was terrified that her condition would deteriorate and she would have had to endure physical, mental, emotional and psychological abuse, lost of dignity, tasteless dining options, understaffed care and nutritional concerns, if she chosen to go under the care of a big brand nursing home.

Appolonia Residential Living (ARL) was crafted to provide you, our resident, with a HOME in which you can personalize to your comfort level, receive quality direct care and one on one attention you deserve. ARL is licensed by the State of Nevada to provide care for only two elderly persons per facility. And that is why we can personally guarantee our residents the undivided attention with the most refine care they deserve.